Policy: Scotland 

National Planning Framework for Scotland 2 (2009)

The second National Planning Framework (NPF2) sets out a strategy for long-term development and highlights the spatial context for this. 

NPF2 articulates the spatial consequences of policies for economic development, climate change, transport, energy, housing and regeneration, waste management, water and drainage, catchment management and the protection of the environment. It identifies key strategic infrastructure projects as national developments and reflects the ambitious emissions targets which will see us move to a low carbon economy.

NPF2 states of biodiversity:

"Stewardship of Scotland's wildlife and biodiversity can make a significant contribution to sustainable economic growth. Climate change may result in areas which currently support particular plants and animals becoming less suitable for them in the future. It may therefore be necessary to plan for species migration. Managed coastal retreat in response to rising sea levels may offer opportunities to create new wetland habitats.’’

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Scottish Planning Policy (2010)

SPP is the statement of the Scottish Government’s policy on nationally important land use planning matters. The SPP supercedes a range of documents in the NPPG and SPP series. 

Scottish Planning Policy encourages Planning Authorities to take a broader approach to landscape and natural heritage than just conserving designated or protected sites and species, and to take into account the ecosystems and natural processes in their area.

The aim is to have a strategic approach to natural heritage where biodiversity and landscape features are linked together in integrated habitat networks which make an important contribution to maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystems and allowing natural processes to adapt and respond to changes.

The SPP identifies that biodiversity is important because it provides natural services and products which we rely on, that it is an important element of sustainable development and makes an essential contribution to the economy and cultural heritage of Scotland. 

All Public Bodies in Scotland, including planning authorities, have a duty to ‘further the conservation of biodiversity’ under the Nature  Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 and the SPP highlights that this should be reflected in development plans and development management decisions. 

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Scotland's Biodiversity It’s In Your Hands (2004)

This is a strategy for the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Scotland – the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy (SBS).  It sets out a vision for the future health of Scotland’s biodiversity, and maps out a 25 year framework for action to conserve and enhance biodiversity for the health, enjoyment and well-being of all the people of Scotland. Its development has been a model of cooperation and shared vision between government, the private and public sectors, non-governmental bodies and individual members of the public. The 25 year strategy aims to conserve and enhance biodiversity in Scotland and is supported by a variety of other documents and initiatives.

The strategy presents a vision, aim, objectives and broad directions for action, while a set of Ecosystem Group delivery plans are the mechanism for prioritising action and delivering the objectives of the SBS. 

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